product update for june 2024 product update for june 2024


In our first product update we've got some awesome updates to share with you!

New exercises

Over 900 new exercises to be exact!

We want to make sure you get access to as much exercise information as possible, over the last while we've worked with industry experts to increase our exercise catalogue and in doing so we have now added over 900 new exercises, complete with instructions, gifs and also benefits.

New workout views

We've updated the workout views.

We wanted to give an even easier and faster way for you to record record results and to be able to record more than just reps / sets. Not all of our new workouts are measured that way! You can see a quick sneak peak below.

Not on your phone?

That's fine!

We've released the first version of our new desktop application. This app will allow you to create workouts, see analytics and manage your profile. We've also got some cool new features coming down the line such as "Routine creation" and "A.I analytics.

Routines you say?

Yes! We want you to be able to create and work on your own routines instead of having it all done by AI! and in order to make this experience even more beneficial for you we're going to be adding a routines "store" where you can list and sell routines to other users.