Using airsoft as a fun and effective workout

Using airsoft as a fun and effective workout


Airsoft is often perceived merely as a recreational activity or a tactical sport for enthusiasts. However, it can also be an excellent way to maintain and improve your physical fitness. In this article, we'll explore how airsoft can be used as a fun and effective workout, the fitness benefits it offers, and tips for incorporating it into your fitness routine.

The Fitness Benefits of Airsoft

Cardiovascular Health

Airsoft games typically involve a lot of running, sprinting, and quick movements. These activities can significantly elevate your heart rate, providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Regular participation in airsoft can improve your heart health, increase your stamina, and help you build endurance.

Strength and Conditioning

The physical demands of airsoft, such as carrying gear, crouching, crawling, and maneuvering through various terrains, can help build muscle strength and improve overall conditioning. Your legs, core, and upper body muscles are all engaged during a typical game, providing a full-body workout.

Agility and Coordination

Airsoft requires quick reflexes, precise movements, and strategic thinking. These elements help improve your agility and hand-eye coordination. Navigating obstacles, aiming accurately, and reacting swiftly to opponents' actions can enhance your overall physical coordination and mental sharpness.

Mental Health Benefits

Beyond physical fitness, airsoft can also contribute to mental well-being. The adrenaline rush, team collaboration, and strategic planning involved in the game can boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functions. The social aspect of playing with a team can also provide a sense of community and belonging.

Actual results from airsofters

The results shown below and from a 3 hour airsoft game. This game played 4 different game modes, 3 / 4 of these being close quarters CQB type games. There were over 4k calories burnt and the heart rate was in the fat burning zone for over 3 hours.

airsoft results 4k calories burnt

The results shown below and from a full day airsoft game. This game played many different game modes, some of these were full site and some of these were CQB setups.

airsoft results 4k calories burnt

How to get started with airsoft?

Find Local Airsoft Sites

For this article I will only be linking sites that I have personally played at and can recommend.

Get some equipment

You should rent for your first game, or borrow from a friend who has some kit! If you enjoy the game, then you can start to invest in your own equipment.

In Ireland these are the best places i've found to buy from:

Find Local Airsoft Groups

Join local airsoft clubs or groups to participate in regular games. Engaging with a community can keep you motivated and make your workouts more enjoyable. Many groups organize events on weekends, which can be a great way to stay active during your leisure time.


Airsoft is more than just a thrilling game; it's a versatile and effective way to enhance your physical and mental fitness. By incorporating airsoft into your fitness routine, you can enjoy a fun, engaging, and challenging workout that keeps you coming back for more. So, gear up, join a game, and start reaping the fitness benefits of this exciting sport!