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Work at your level

Set your level

Set your fitness level so our app knows the appropriate workouts and exercises to assign to you.

Build your workouts

Using our easy to use configuration screen, create your workouts and get started on your fitness journey today

Schedule your workouts

Use our workout scheduler to find a time that suits you ( Coming soon )

What is


A new way to plan workouts

GymBuddy is an Artificial Intelligence-based app that enables you to design exercise routines based on the body parts you wish to focus on.

With A.I powered analytics

Gymbuddy can aid you in keeping track of and assessing your advancement, weight, and any exercises that might be giving you difficulty.

With more features on the way

We have quite a long road map and hope you're ready to take that journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will GymBuddy share my data?

No all data is kept secure and can only be accessed by yourself or a member of staff if requested.

What do you mean GymBuddy is an A.I?

GymBuddy is built using the OpenAI eco system to leverage their data models to provide you with the best workouts

What is planned for the app?

At the moment we are concentrating on creating a better user experience and more indepth controls for workout configuration

What if I don't like the workouts?

Workouts are only generated for a set amount of time, give them a try and you might surprise yourself, at the end you can always create a new one

Should I use GymBuddy if I have health problems?

If you want to, but ensure you consult your GP, Doctor or Physician before undertaking any form of strenous exercise.

What if I injure myself?

Before undertaking any exercises please consult a member of your gym to learn the proper form and technique required to avoid injury.

What does it cost?

Gymbuddy charges €7.99 per workout generation, workouts can be created up to 4 weeks. Use the code GYMBUDDY1ST at checkout for 60% off.

Do I have to subscribe?

No, for now we are only doing Pay as you go with our workout generations and in future might introduce optional subscriptions.

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